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Personality disorders

April 9, 2024 | Written by team

Personality disorders affect how people see themselves and how they behave toward others. Learn more about different types, causes, and treatment options.

Dissociation: Symptoms, risk factors, and treatment

April 9, 2024 | Written by team

Dissociation is a mental state in which a person feels disconnected from their body or reality. It can range in intensity from daydreaming to memory loss.

What is a psychopath? Signs, causes, treatments

February 20, 2024 | Written by team

What are the causes and signs of a psychopath? Can psychopathy be treated? Psychopaths vs. sociopaths? Browse our directory for a therapist near you.

Sociopathy: Causes, signs, and treatments

February 13, 2024 | Written by team

Sociopaths tend to act impulsively, struggle with anger management, and lack empathy. Learn the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths.

Psychosis: Symptoms, risk factors, and treatment

February 13, 2024 | Written by team

Psychosis is a condition that affects how we process reality. It can make us feel disconnected and believe we see, hear, or feel things that aren’t there.

Anxiety: Symptoms, types, diagnosis, and treatment

February 12, 2024 | Written by team

Small doses of anxiety can be a healthy response to stress, but too much can harm us. Find out how anxiety is identified, diagnosed, and treated.

5 signs it’s time to quit or cut back on drinking

January 26, 2024 | Written by Amanda White, LPC

Alcohol is so woven into our lives that we don’t stop to consider why we drink. To explore your relationship with alcohol, start by asking these questions.

Are mocktails really safe for recovering addicts?

January 26, 2024 | Written by Elise Burley | Featuring Megan Boardman, LCSW

Nonalcoholic beer, wine, and mocktails seem to be everywhere all at once. But for people in recovery, these options may be more triggering than healthful.

Narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)

January 24, 2024 | Written by team

Narcissists crave admiration from others. But they’re sensitive to criticism and tend to lack empathy, so they may struggle to form healthy relationships.

10 ways to shop healthfully, not compulsively

November 15, 2023 | Written by Elise Burley

Shopping addiction can take a toll on your wallet and your mental health. Here’s how to regain control of your spending habits.

Showing 11 - 20 of 31 results