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How to start dating again

February 22, 2024 | Written by Amye Archer, MFA | Featuring Lamont White, MA

If you’re re-entering the dating world after a long hiatus, avoid these common dating mistakes and learn how to take the fear out of dating.

What’s a situationship, and are you in one?

February 15, 2024 | Written by Elise Burley

Situationships are defined by unclear boundaries and a lack of commitment. Like any form of relationship, they come with both benefits and challenges.

What is gaslighting?

February 13, 2024 | Written by team

Gaslighting is a form of emotional manipulation that causes you to doubt yourself and question your reality. Learn how to spot this abuse and seek help.

Why people ghost (and how to get over it)

February 12, 2024 | Written by Elise Burley

Ghosting happens all the time, but it can still feel awful. Explore the reasons why someone might suddenly cut off communication—and how to move past it.

Stop overthinking your relationship

January 11, 2024 | Written by Alicia Muñoz, LPC

It’s easy to feel stuck in analyzing the same old conflicts with your partner. Learn how to identify and break rumination cycles by telling the whole truth.

How to spot a love bomber

December 19, 2023 | Written by Elise Burley

It feels good when a new partner showers you with attention, but it may be a sign of risks to come. Here are six ways to tell if they’re love bombing you.

Connecting with veterans at the holidays

December 12, 2023 | Written by Amye Archer, MFA

For some veterans and service members, the holidays can be tough to navigate. Justin Baker, PhD, has tips for civilians and vets on how to stay connected.

How to fix a sexless marriage (if it needs fixing)

December 8, 2023 | Written by Amye Archer, MFA | Featuring Tammy Nelson, PhD

If the amount or quality of sex you’re having doesn’t work for both partners, don’t despair. It’s possible—and can even be fun—to get back on track.

The divorce announcement

December 8, 2023 | Published by Psychotherapy Networker

When a marriage ends, someone has to tell everyone. Wayne Scott, MA, LCSW, explores the power of a shared public narrative for divorcing couples.

Can couples apps help you reconnect?

December 8, 2023 | Written by Amye Archer, MFA | Featuring Jeff Guenther, LPC, aka TherapyJeff

If you’re looking to keep (or bring back) the spark in your relationship, it may be time to get on the apps. TherapyJeff has advice on how to do it right.

Showing 1 - 10 of 45 results