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Compulsive shopping: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

February 13, 2024 | Written by team

Compulsive shopping is an impulsive behavior that can harm your finances and your relationships. Learn about the signs and how to seek help.

What is gaslighting?

February 13, 2024 | Written by team

Gaslighting is a form of emotional manipulation that causes you to doubt yourself and question your reality. Learn how to spot this abuse and seek help.

What is the Dunning-Kruger effect?

February 12, 2024 | Written by team

The Dunning-Kruger effect is a type of bias where the less you know about a topic, the more you think you know. Learn to identify and change this behavior.

Bullying and mental health

January 30, 2024 | Written by team

Bullying can have negative effects on the mental health of victims and bullies. Learn what to do if you’ve experienced or witnessed this type of abuse.

Are you sober curious?

January 29, 2024 | Written by Amye Archer, MFA | Featuring Beth Bowen, LMSW

You’ve heard of Dry January. But if your relationship with alcohol could benefit from more exploration, you may be ready for a period of sober curiosity.

5 signs it’s time to quit or cut back on drinking

January 26, 2024 | Written by Amanda White, LPC

Alcohol is so woven into our lives that we don’t stop to consider why we drink. To explore your relationship with alcohol, start by asking these questions.

10 ways to shop healthfully, not compulsively

November 15, 2023 | Written by Elise Burley

Shopping addiction can take a toll on your wallet and your mental health. Here’s how to regain control of your spending habits.

How to cut through the clutter of digital hoarding

November 3, 2023 | Written by Elise Burley

In today’s tech-heavy world, it’s easy to let digital files pile up. If virtual clutter is causing you real-life stress, try these steps to clear it out.

Passive aggression: What it is and how to stop

October 27, 2023 | Written by team

Passive aggression is an unhealthy communication style where negative feelings are expressed indirectly. Learn how to recognize and change this behavior.

How to stop smoking

October 24, 2023 | Written by team

Learn the physical and mental health effects of smoking, why it’s so hard to quit, and how you can get the help you need to quit smoking for good.

Showing 1 - 10 of 21 results