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Sydney Koenig Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado
Sydney Koenig , LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Lone Tree, CO

Online & In-Person

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About me

I am an empathic EMDR therapist, specializing in helping women gain insight, connect with themselves and others and lead a more fulfilling life by harnessing their innate power and courage

You’re a woman who wants to feel happy, connected and worry free- like you can take on the world; but deep down you are struggling to heal from challenges, overcome anxiety, and have healthy relationships. You experience worry and racing thoughts, there is never enough time in the day to accomplish everything and you can forget about time for self care. You feel taken advantage of, like you aren’t heard and your needs aren’t being met in relationships. You might have experienced something difficult in the past that continues to influence how you deal with situations now.

Maybe you feel anxious constantly. Your heart pounds, your mind races, you walk into a room and forget why you are there. You have too much on your plate and there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything. Your relationships suffer because you are irritable and find yourself asking over and over again for help that you never seem to receive. Your sleep isn’t great and you find that the coping skills that once worked just don’t have the same impact anymore. Your anxiety is overwhelming and it seems endless. With so many people relying on you, it’s time that you slow down and invest in yourself.

You desire connection through healthy relationships but you experience people taking advantage of you and the urge to please others instead of yourself. You have heard about boundaries and think that you have them but aren’t sure. It’s not clear how to set more boundaries or ask others to meet the needs that you desperately want them to. Your relationship with yourself has also suffered and you feel it’s time to reconnect with yourself in order to engage more fully in the relationships around you. Managing your own and other’s expectations of yourself, advocating for your needs, and living confidently is possible.

I believe that therapy should be a place where you feel empowered and safe, where you can collaborate with your therapist on what is truly important to you. Sessions do not have to look the same each week but I’m here to create a supportive, non judgmental environment for you to explore what is really going on in your life and the deeper patterns at play.

I take a trauma informed approach to working with clients which allows us to build a relationship based on trust while allowing you to feel empowered and have your voice heard while working collaboratively together to process your unique experiences. I also am trained in EMDR which allows me to use this treatment technique in conjunction to help clients work through traumatic "sticking points" more effectively.

It’s possible to feel happy engaging with those around you, at peace with your experiences, and whole. Let’s create a world where you feel so supported that you are able to conquer what has been holding you back- so ultimately you can experience a happier, healthier you! Visit my website and schedule your free 15 minute consultation today.



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Elevated Awareness Counseling PLLC

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