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Monika Jaślarz Psychologist in Colorado
Monika Jaślarz


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I am an experienced adult psychologist and integration therapist and help my clients to find their true nature: happiness.

I work in the integrative paradigm, on the basis of transpersonal psychology combining many different methods. I use such tools as cognitive-behavioral methods of therapeutic work, classical methods of psychotherapeutic work, visualization, guided meditation, elements of psychodrama, transactional analysis and many others. I also offer assistance in integrating psychedelic experiences. As a psychedelic therapist, I am also involved in spreading proven knowledge about treatment options with psychedelic substances and about how to prepare for and integrate such experiences - with the goal of reducing the harm that can arise due to lack of access to reliable information. I have personally tried most of the working methods I offer my clients.

The only person who has the power to heal your life situation is yourself. And also only you have the spellbinding knowledge of how to do it. Everyone's path is individual - no two people in the world are the same. We are absolutely unique in our creation, and that is why there is a different instruction manual for each person - we find some common elements, science tries to systematize this, but in the end the only right signpost is the direction of our heart. Hearing this can be incredibly frustrating - especially if your life situation and/or well-being just isn't in line with your expectations. This approach puts all the responsibility for your development process on you and, I know from my own experience, this is hard to accept. Fortunately, we can ask for help. I like to refer to myself as a traveling companion and sometimes a guide. Psychotherapy is, in my value system, a process of accompaniment on the path of returning to balance and/or development. You define the goal and I help you find ways to achieve it.

I graduated with a Master's degree in Psychology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, and 3 years from the CBT School of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy in Warsaw, Poland. I am a psychedelic therapist in the process of certification at the Institute of Integrative Psychiatry (Denver, USA). I am also certified as a soft skills and personal development trainer, which helps me in conducting psychoeducation and workshops. Privately, I follow the spiritual path of the Camino Rojo, according to the Fuego Sagrado de Itzachilatlan tradition, which is a great support and source of knowledge for me in working with the spiritual aspect of a person and in knowing how to use psychedelic substances for this purpose. I treat with great respect traditional approaches to psychedelic therapy and the Guardians of these traditions.

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