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Miriam 'Masha' Andreoni , LCSW

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About me

I do not believe in a "one size fits all" kind of approach. While uncomfortable feelings might be a commonality (especially in today's world,) I believe we are all individuals who learn, experience, and react to situations differently. One thing I know for sure, if everything was going "great" chances are you would not be reading this bio right now. BRAVO to you for taking this monumental step and investing in yourself!!!

Hi, I'm Masha Andreoni, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 10+ years of professional experience and 47 years of lived experience. A majority of my work experience has been spent working with Veterans and Active Duty Reservists focusing on post deployment issues, substance abuse, and military sexual trauma. Today, I work with individuals/groups/families within a multitude of populations.

Most importantly, I do not believe that individuals fit snuggly into a particular mental health "box." For example, if diagnosed with PTSD... there is a good chance that anxiety, depression, insomnia, relationship difficulties, work-related issues (etc.) may be present. If struggling with addictions...anxiety, depression insomnia, relationship difficulties, work-related issues (etc.) may be get it. My focus/goal is to understand where you are coming from, what you hope to achieve, avoid making any particular judgements/labels, and work together as we embrace this journey of solution focused change and betterment.

While I can take the time to tell you how my approach is warm, motivating, understanding, the end, this is for you to decide. I can however assure you that regardless of diplomas achieved, I never stop pursuing education in this ever-changing field/world. I am here to be of service. With me comes my personality, knowledge, humor (when appropriate,) and respect! Truly looking forward to working with you.


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