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Maureen Bradley

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About me

I specialize in trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, severe and persistent mental health problems, just like thousands of other therapists out there. I think my true specialty is providing an unfiltered assessment and validation--often using swear words, sarcasm, and laughter. I allow swear words (not directed toward me and not of female body parts and not sexually inappropriate) and I encourage blatant, brash honesty because I like to keep things genuine. This is not everyone's cup of tea, but I can only be me and I want you to be YOU. I am very direct and not afraid to say that a situation makes me nervous/sad/angry for you. Sometimes a tear will fall from my eye when a client tells a story and I don't feel any shame about that, no matter what they told us in school about having a poker face. All I can really give you is Maureen.

One thing you can expect from me in a session is the question "What is that like for you?" This is because, as similar as we may or may not be, and as much experience I may have with similar situations, it is important to talk about YOUR unique experience of life in your own words. Once the feeling has been identified, I like to stay there and be with you as you process it. Sometimes this is a client's first experience of being present in the moment and in their life.

Some clients have told me that, in the past with other therapists, they have left the session feeling worse than when they arrived. One way in which I avoid this is by making sure there is ample time to fully process feelings/trauma/experiences and ample time to build you up before the session ends. This may mean that I will look at the time and ask you if it is okay to "bookmark" that for next time. It is very important to end a session on a high note.

There may be things you would like to do (or stop doing) and I want you to know that it is not my job to judge or tell you what you "should" do. On this journey, there will be successes and near-misses and sometimes things may seem pointless and hopeless. I want to be the person in your life during those times who points out when you are courageous. Courage is really the greatest tool in our toolbox.

I primarily use Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and this means that I zero in on the relationship between an event in your life (large or small) and your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I use Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which is a combination of Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness skills being taught with worksheets, diary cards, and something called a Chain Analysis where we look at events leading up to a problematic behavior.

No matter what any therapist tells you their specialties and degrees are, the most important thing is your relationship with that therapist.
I hope I can help you find your courage and help you create a life that is meaningful to you, possibly laughing (or shedding a tear) along the way.


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