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Justine Uselding Psychologist in Iowa
Justine Uselding , Ph.D.


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I'm a seasoned clinical psychologist who works free from the constraints of 3rd party payment. I prioritize the needs of BIPOC/LBGTQIA+, neurodivergent, and chronically ill people in my work; in short, if you hold an identity of outsider or Other, you will be seen, heard, accepted, and understood here. Polyamorous? Come on over. Formerly incarcerated? I got you. Too weird for most therapists? Not here you wont be!

And to my crones, old punk rock kids, witches, seers, psychics, nerds, SWs, and wild ones: I see you too.

[Note: If you would prefer to work in a modality that is other-than-psychotherapy, please check out my website,]

I grew up and did my schooling in the midwest, and I've recently moved back after 20+ years. I've often heard from new clients, "You're nothing like what I expected" and "You're not like other therapists I've known". I attribute this to the following characteristics and traits that inform my way of interacting. In short I am: an old punk rock/goth gal, neurodivergent, a spirit worker in my other spaces, nerdy af, bold, acerbic, warmhearted, non-judgmental, and skilled at utilizing gentle interventions to effect meaningful changes among those I serve, .

Being neurodivergent, I tend to spot patterns and notice details that others may not, as well as apply creative, unique, hope-instilling and individually-tailored techniques to meet my clients in their emotional landscape.

Being Gen-X, I have a firsthand experience and keen understanding of what it was like to grow up during the 1970s and 1980s, and of the societal as well as global events and influences that shaped this generation's development. I work with young adults through end-of-life, and I have a keen interest in working with other "latchkey kids" of my admittedly rather neglected generation.

I've spent a big chunk of my career working in harsh places; max security prisons, detention facilities, inpatient facilities both medical and psychiatric, as well as drug treatment centers, and with ppl dealing with chronic illness and pain. My approach is to hold compassionate, healing space for those I serve, and to offer embodied, practical, grounded approaches for real problems. I invite all my clients to engage in exploring their identities and experiences, including the intersections. I encourage my clients to dialog with the sore places, the tender points of the psyche, and with the things we carry that have no name. I'm a strategic and insight oriented psychotherapist, and this means I co-create effective strategies with my clients and supervisees. I'm trauma literate and very comfortable with chronic trauma issues. I am also shamanically-trained and have 20+ years in the field, but YOU decide how we move.



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