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Janet Edgette Psychologist in Pennsylvania
Janet Edgette , PsyD


Exton, PA

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I’m a clinical psychologist practicing for 35 yrs, working primarily with adolescents and their parents. I help teens (children, too) who are anxious, angry, defiant, withdrawn, moody, self-destructive, inattentive, depressed, oppositional, doing poorly in school, having trouble with peers or arguing a lot at home. I work as effectively with boys as with girls, and can help you decide whether the problems you're noticing are a part of "typical" teen behavior or a sign of something more serious. I see teenagers and parents together and/or privately, depending on what makes the most sense.

One of my specialties is working with teenagers who've had bad experiences in therapy in the past or who simply aren't interested in it and resist going. (Read my article "Why Teens Hate Therapy" - Check out my website, too, to find out more about my particular approach -

Let’s face it – many children and teenagers don’t like therapy or counseling.

It’s boring. It’s uncomfortable. They’re not sure how it’s supposed to work. They are asked questions about feelings they don’t recognize having, and asked about their progress on goals they never signed on for. No wonder they don’t feel listened to.

I approach kids differently. I don’t bombard them with a lot of questions and I don’t try to “get” them to talk with me—an undertaking I find as insulting to us both as it is unproductive. Instead, I introduce a variety of topics and see which ones evolve into conversations that can heal, animate, encourage, stimulate, or inspire. I’m happy to answer questions, offer opinions, and say what I think is going on without ever trying to muscle any points across. I work quickly, but never rush.

I have spent my career thinking about how to provide services to kids and teenagers and young adults that they actually value and respect, and therefore want to participate in. This eliminates the miserable and undignified tug-of-war and other power struggles that a lot of therapists endure when working with this population. It really doesn’t have to be that way.

Therapists often ask me, "How do I get this kid to talk with me?" and I think it's the wrong question to ask. I think a better question is "How can I become relevant and compelling enough so that this kid in front of me actually wants to talk with me?" Now we're having a conversation that matters.

On a more personal note, I am Bronx, NY born and bred and therefore a resolute Yankees fan. Moved to Philadelphia forty years ago to attend graduate school and stayed. Mother of three adults son, with whom I remain very close. What else matters to me? Acts of generosity and kindness, show jumping (see my other website for equestrian sport psychology, and dogs, especially pit bulls like my girl, Harper, who comes to work with me every day. She's the best co-therapist and I swear she's the reason people keep coming back....



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Janet Sasson Edgette, PsyD, LLC

412 Newcomen Road
Exton, PA 19341 US


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