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James Simmerer Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Illinois
James Simmerer , MSW , LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Orland Park, IL

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Greetings! My name is James Simmerer. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with 43 years experience doing therapy with Individuals, Couples, and Families. I am well-trained and experienced in using COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY (CBT), with clients, in CREATIVE ways along with many other diverse PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS. I am offering affordable and accessible quality professional therapy services either through a LOW-COST SELF-PAY option or INSURANCE COVERAGE (including Medicare) and EAPs through your EMPLOYER. I am offering FACE-TO-FACE therapy in offices located in Orland Park and Oak Brook, Illinois along with VIRTUAL TELE-THERAPY via the INTERNET or PHONE to clients throughout the STATE OF ILLINOIS! I care about your PSYCHOLOGICAL and EMOTIONAL HEALTH, WELLBEING and HAPPINESS!


As a therapist, I do individual, family and couples' therapy and I see children, teenagers, adults and seniors. I act as a GUIDE, not an EXPERT, and I strive to understand clients from Their Perspective! I respect the right of clients to choose Their Own goals! I strive to LISTEN CAREFULLY and to AVOID MAKING ASSUMPTIONS about clients or judging them! In therapy, I will learn a lot from what you share with me and this helps me to REALLY understand you and what you are going through. I will often ask clients “AM I GETTING THAT RIGHT” when I REFLECT on what clients share in therapy. YOU are the expert on YOU! I will always strive to give you the right to be yourself and to make your own choices, when YOU are ready! I will do my BEST to understand you and I will welcome YOUR FEEDBACK if and when I get off track. I will support you in your efforts to be the person you want to be and to have the life you want to live! I will work together with you to help you, and your significant others explore ways to change the things YOU, and they, want to change, including thoughts, feelings and behaviors you are not happy with. I will work with you to explore and discover ways to improve relationships that you would like to be work better, for EVERYONE involved. I BELIEVE in your ability to help yourself-YOU CAN DO THIS and I am COMMITTED to helping you!

My favorite types of clients are NOT the worried well but they are the challenging ones, not the easy ones. I find it especially meaningful and gratifying to work with clients who are struggling and who could really use the help offered in therapy. Having had a good deal of therapy myself, I can really appreciate the determination that clients exhibit in PROOVING TO THEMSELES that they CAN succeed in reaching their most important therapy goals.

I understand and respect your right as a client, to choose the WAY that you receive psychotherapy services. YOU can best decide whether FACE-TO-FACE OFFICE-BASED or VIDEO CONFERENCING-BASED or PHONE THERAPY BEST MEETS YOUR CURRENT NEEDS. Clients can VARY the way they conduct their sessions and/or change this any time they wish. I am available to schedule therapy sessions with clients Mondays through Fridays AND WEEKENDS!

HOW MUCH DOES THERAPY COST? (Is it my imagination, or is the COST of INSURANCE going UP?)

As a therapist, it appears to me that our stress levels and the need for therapy, in the general population, is on the rise. Unfortunately, the COSTS of therapy and Healthcare in general, also seem to be going up while ACCESSIBILITY to all kinds of healthcare is often going DOWN!

Forget the Insurance? Problem issues with insurance are on the rise often for clients AND therapists! Affordability and access to therapy for clients is often an issue. Increasingly higher premiums, hassles with claim denials, higher copays, higher deductibles and difficulties with obtaining authorizations for services can create serious obstacles for individuals considering or seeking therapy. As a therapist, I would like to help. In an attempt to help make therapy more AFFORDABLE and ACCESSIBLE, I am offering prospective clients a LOW-COST, SELF-PAY therapy OPTION. I am providing an introductory offer of 3 (1-hour) sessions at $50 per session (plus processing fees), to help you get started and to decide if we are well-suited to work together. After 3 sessions, a Standard fee of $65 (plus processing fess) will be charged per hourly session. Payment for the self-pay option can be made using cash, check, or Credit Cards, including FSA and HSA cards. If you are not interested in the above Introductory Self-Pay Offer, payment can be made by billing most insurance plans, (including Medicare). Starting therapy may be one of the best decisions you will ever make! How long you stay in therapy and how often you schedule sessions and the length of time allotted for each session (minimum 1 hour), is entirely up to YOU! To contact me to schedule a therapy session, or to discuss your needs for therapy, please feel free to contact me any time. Please refer to my CONTACT INFORMATION below. Thank you so very much for reviewing my listing!

Best Wishes for Your Happiness in Life,

Contact Information:
Cell Phone: 630-890-1907; Fax: 877-800-7091
Mailing address: 22 W 267 1st St.,
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137



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James Simmerer, LCSW, Counseling and Psychotherapy Services, LLC

11309 Distinctive Drive
Suite 11309
Orland Park, IL 60467 US


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