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Dr. Selma Stainback Psychologist in Virginia
Dr. Selma Stainback , PsyD


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Are you a high achiever, but stressed? Anxious? Want to reach your full potential, but feel stuck? Is your mood down despite your best efforts? Dealing with discrimination or racism? Do you want to overcome these obstacles? I want to help! If you are ready to embrace, tell and live the truth, I'd love to hear from you! I work to create an environment where you feel safe, comfortable and free of judgment. I want to meet you where you are so you can let go of lies and the past, take action and move toward creating and living the life you want. If this sounds like you, please reach out! I hope to help you create the life you really want, the amazing relationship you've been craving, a more fulfilling, balanced life, at home, in class or as a business executive in the boardroom! You deserve it!

Do you struggle to cope or feel like nothing helps? Have you tried everything but nothing seems to work? How about working with me? I believe in integrating therapies like cognitive behavioral (CBT), etc. with cutting edge approaches, like spiritual energies, truth, nutrition, virtual and the placebo effect/faith in healing. What about working to tap into your power to heal yourself? Sound Exciting?! I hope you'll reach out and I hope we can work together!



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