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Barbara Francavilla Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey
Barbara Francavilla , LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Deptford, NJ

Online & In-Person

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About me

I am an experienced Educational Advocate for students who are struggling academically, emotionally and/or behaviorally.

I am a Professional Licensed Counselor (LPC) as well as a Licensed Clinical Drug and Alcohol Counselor (LCADC) who attentively listens to students and their parents/guardians frustrations with the educational forum. It is my strong belief that students do not want to fail academically and communicate their needs emotionally or behaviorally in inappropriate ways within the school environment. Many parents/guardians are lost in navigating their student's rights within school. Schools offer many programs for academic success. Parents/guardians may not know of the programs and/or their procedures involved in assessing their student's academic weaknesses. As an Educational Advocate, who was a former public school employee, I can assist parents with assessing their child's needs academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally so that their child is successful in school. I have the ability to educate the family in the various school programs, discuss their child's eligibility, and assist with a plan that addresses their child's weaknesses. The plan counters their child's specific weaknesses with the skills that generate successes, academically, socially, behaviorally and provide confidence for their child to continually achieve within a school environment. Lastly, I know how to navigate a school system but I also know how to work with various school personnel in assisting that student in being successful within their teacher's class or teachers classes.
Any parent/guardian whose student is struggling in school, the parent/guardian needs to understand that student is communicating. The means of communication may not be effective for that student due to the student's age, academic struggles, and their peer perception. It is my experience that a student may not be able to identify their weaknesses nor can their parents/guardian who is not in school to witness their child's weaknesses. Secondly, when student's do not complete their classwork or homework it is Not because the student is lazy. Frequently, when a student does not complete essential academic school work, academic weaknesses are in play, such as not understanding the questions or reading material. Moreover, some students behave in class inappropriately so as not to appear as a failure to their peers who are very important to the student, especially in the tween years and middle school age students.
As an Educational Consultant, it is my experience that a student may verbalize their struggles to an individual who is Not affiliated with the school. I would also speak to the parents/guardians for their input and review any school documentation that is in the family's possession. I am a very strong problem-solver and would discuss my interventions with the family based upon my interviews with the student, parents/guardians and school personnel coupled with the school documentations. I would meet with the family to discuss the struggles, the reasons for the struggles, and the programs the school offers to address those weaknesses. If the family would like to meet with the school, I would offer my assistance to meet with the appropriate school personnel and elaborate on my program recommendations that the school can offer to the family.
I welcome telephone or personal consultations for additional information concerning my services, my educational background, and my beliefs that all students have a right to an appropriate education. Lastly, we can discuss my fees according to the suggested services procured for your student.



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