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About Suzi

Suzi Sena, EdS, LPC, is a licensed professional counselor with over 20 years of experience in human resources, education, integrative mental health, career counseling, and private practice settings. She earned her master’s degree in industrial organizational psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University, her master’s in counselor education from Kean University, and her EdS degree in family and marriage therapy from The College of New Jersey. She holds numerous certifications and credentials in integrative mental health, career counseling, and human resources. She is currently in private practice, where she provides integrative mental health services to individuals and couples and consulting services to employers.

Articles by Suzi


Should you quit your job for your mental health?

June 23, 2022

It’s normal for work to feel stressful sometimes. But when it starts to affect your mental health, it may be time to consider your options.


Should you try EMDR therapy to treat your chronic pain?

June 23, 2022

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy for chronic pain may help reduce or even alleviate symptoms. Find out if this type of treatment is...

A construction worker dealing with stress.

What to do when your job impacts your mental health

January 14, 2022

If your job is causing stress, anxiety, or depression, it may be time to make changes. Here's where to start.

A heart-shaped stone.

When compassion fatigue hits

January 7, 2022

Compassion fatigue is a sense of emotional exhaustion that comes from taking care of other people. Here's how to cope.