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Tracey Pearson-Heaney Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri
Tracey Pearson-Heaney , LPC, LCPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Kirkwood, MO

Online & In-Person

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About me

I am an experienced therapist with a desire to help adults and teens heal from trauma, depression and anxiety.

I have been practicing as a therapist for over 12 years. I find joy in supporting clients as they overcome their unique challenges in life. I started as a therapist later in life. Although I originally wanted to study social work my path was diverted, and I instead studied agriculture and equine science. I naively believed I would return to Kentucky to work with horses. Somehow, I found myself raising four boys and moving "a lot", eventually coast to coast! When my boys went to school, I saw my chance to return to my original idea of helping people. I went back to school to study psychology and naturally went on to obtain a master's degree in professional counseling.
Again, my life took a direction that I never would have envisioned. My first experience being a therapist was working in men's prison. I'm not sure how a newie, quiet natured therapist began her career working in a men's prison. All I can say, is that despite going on to gain experience working with adolescents and adults in a community mental health setting it was the experience I received while working in the correctional setting that has been the foundation of my career as a therapist.
Much of my career was working with clients that either didn't know they wanted to change or didn't believe they could change. I worked with men, women and adolescents who were either in therapy out of choice or because the courts mandated treatment. I learned that while each client is different, each client wants the same things in life. Despite the diagnosis, trauma, or other situations which lead clients to therapy. Clients are looking for a positive change in life. People just want to feel good and be happy. What I realized over the years as a therapist is that all it takes to manifest healthy change is one person willing to believe and encourage a person that change is possible. Knowing that we have very similar and simple needs, I feel my part as a therapist is to help each client believe it is possible to make changes. Then as trained professional my next job is to support and offer ways that change can happen.
My goal in the therapy session is that each client eventually finds their own path in life.




Tracey Pearson-Heaney, LLC

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Kirkwood, MO 63122 US


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