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Randi Waller Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas
Randi Waller , LPC

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I am an experienced individual and relationship counselor who is committed to supporting clients as they face challenges and hardships in their lives.

Hello and welcome, I'm excited you're here! I approach therapy from an existential lens, meaning we take a look at your beliefs and examine how they came to be your beliefs and whether or not they still belong in your life. We often have to challenge messages we have internalized through family dynamics and societal influence.

As we explore who you are and who you want to be, please know that I’m not here to tell you that the way you live your life is wrong and I won't pass judgment. You are the expert in your life, not me. I do believe that we are all capable of change, however it often doesn't stick unless we understand the 'why' behind the need for change. We have to buy into why it will benefit us to make a change because it's not easy to implement, even if it is worth it. In order to identify these areas of change, I will ask questions that gently challenge you and help you to think about things in a new way. We will explore together, in a way that makes you feel safe and supported, what is working and what is not working in your life and develop strategies to help you embrace your choices and live your life out loud. Some of these strategies will need to be more practical, meaning tools you can use right now to help you every day and for those, I will implement CBT techniques. Others will likely be more abstract in nature, meaning we will focus on the way you think from that existential approach.

I have found in my own life, as well as working with clients, that a lot of the time, we just want to be understood and heard and to know that we are not alone in our struggles. I know that some of the most impactful moments for me in my personal work have come from learning that I'm not the only person to feel a certain way or to struggle with something that others seem to get so easily. I want to be able to provide you with that same relief I felt.

I was never an actual cheerleader, but I love being a cheerleader for my clients. I will celebrate with you when you have exciting fun things happen in your life because it's important to celebrate the good. You've taken a step to seek support and that is brave and amazing. I look forward to meeting you.



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