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Paige Bartholomew Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Texas
Paige Bartholomew , LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Healing trauma and PTSD shouldn’t hurt. When hypnosis is used to take clients into a gentle, relaxed state, trauma work can be done in a safer, more comforting way.

What is trauma? It’s any unresolved shock, loss, mistreatment, mis-attunement or fright that continues to plague a person. Intrusive thoughts and looping, circular fretting may accompany anxiety, dissociation, rage, depression, panic, phobias, or other distressing symptoms.

Trauma doesn’t usually resolve on its own. Somatic treatment, “Parts Work”, hypnosis, and a strong attachment relationship with one’s therapist can create the shift you’ve been so deeply seeking.

Therapy is changing. The cutting edge of today’s healing work requires a more personalized relationship between therapist and client than ever before. It’s called ATTACHMENT THERAPY. I follow the research that has taught counselors to let down the clinical mask, and be real with people. A bond should be forged in order to build a solid trust together. This is why I offer longer sessions, and 24/7 availability by text messaging whenever you need support, or just a friendly check-in.

Attachment therapy means creating a safer space in which to work together to find all the places that hurt inside - the places that need our attention and compasion.

Internal Family Systems, or “Parts Work” gets to know each side of your personality, intimately: the wounded parts, the protective parts, the self-sabotaging parts, the self-loathing parts. IFS helps all your parts to get the love and peace you’ve been longing for, while re-integrating your trauma back into one healed, whole, serene YOU.

If the work you’ve been doing hasn’t cleared up all the internal conflict and hurt, it’s time to try something new.

You CAN change your life. You CAN resolve the pain you feel. Learning to accept and love ALL of yourself transforms everything.



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