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Dr. Les Brinson , Ph.D.

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I am Les Brinson, and I am a Ph.D. licensed psychologist. As a service provider, I have been associated with mental health, counseling, and treatment agencies exclusively since 1961. In that 50+ year journey I have had responsibilities for everything behavioral from managing, teaching, and treating a wide range of clients including college students, residential placed teenagers presenting mostly with conduct disorders and cognitive delays to providing individual and group therapy to inmates in a local federal prison to a 40-year term as a university professor and department chair where I taught all of counseling and psychotherapy courses in the curriculum during my tenure. Essentially, I have always carved out time to provide counseling and therapy to clients which have always been my passion.

In terms of my mode or modes of counseling or therapy, at some point in my career, I have been an advocate and user of the more popular ones such as Client-Centered Therapy, to CBT to an approach that I have used successfully. I refer to it as “Systemic Psychotherapy”. Therefore, I consider myself a classic eclectic. In sum, I try to determine early on where the client is and then draw on my knowledge and experiences to employ a suitable effective, and efficient treatment approach to move the client to heal or rehabilitation as quickly as possible.


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