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Joanna Poppink Marriage and Family Therapist in California
Joanna Poppink , psychotherapist, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Los Angeles, CA

Online only

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I am an experienced psychotherapist in private practice dedicated to supporting adults in developing beyond their present limits. Issues clients bring relate to binge eating, eating disorders, PTSD, anxiety, depression, troubled relationships and feeling inadequate to meet their life challenges. I serve clients in California, Arizona, Utah, Florida and Oregon. For a free telephone consultation, please e-mail me:

My practice, since the pandemic, is totally online. This has turned out to have many benefits. In many ways meetings are more personal. You spend less time and energy getting to your appointments. You are in the environment you choose, either because of home comfort or because you are at work and have a private place to talk. When you need an extra session at an odd time we can usually find a way to connect quickly.

I say this because talking about issues in session has value. Talking about issues that bring up emotions and working with your experience in the moment has value. And if and when powerful feelings start to take over outside of an appointment time, your ability to connect with me in the moment of your actual experience can help you tolerate your stress and bring you to a new awareness of what you are dealing with.

In my many years of being a psychotherapist I've had deep trainings in various therapeutic modalities. This gives me a broad and varied range of understanding you and coming to you in a style best suited for your individual situation, pragmatic and emotional.

So, I listen to you, and you can begin each session with where you are in the moment. You can talk about this morning or last year or a childhood memory. You can talk about a dream you had ten years ago or last night. You can talk about your willingness or doubts about being in therapy. You can talk about a movie or story that haunts you. You can talk about anything whether it seems important or trivial. Nothing is unimportant in therapy. Your psyche is looking for a way to express what concerns you in as non threatening way as possible. At the same time you are testing me to see if your psyche is willing to give me an opportunity to be with you. I invite you to e-mail me for a free telephone consultation.

As I listen to you I will get a sense of what kind of communication you need. I draw on Freudian and Jungian psychotherapies, dream work, CBT, trauma work, active imagination and guided imagery and more in order to meet you where you are.

You can't make a mistake in psychotherapy. You are always expressing and sharing what is vital to you in the moment, even if your awareness has not caught up to what your psyche is trying to communicate.

Clients come to me because they are suffering. They may not know the real reasons for their suffering, but they know that some distressing behaviors and situations keep recurring in their lives. It's our job to develop greater inner strength and tolerance within so we can move beyond that distress.

In time, with commitment and trust, we work together to reach a more stable, patient and calm way of coping with what triggers you. That gives you the platform you need to create a more happy and satisfying life.

It's my privilege to do this work with you.



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Joanna Poppink, MFT

10573 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064 US


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  • Florida
  • Oregon
  • Utah
  • Arizona

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