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Francis Jones III , LPC, MA, NBCC

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About me

My primary goal as your psychotherapist is to help you figure out what your problems are and what you need to do to solve them, so you can complete your psychotherapy goals of treatment to feel better about who you are and where you are headed with your life once you have completed your goals of treatment. Therapy can be very difficult and very challenging and very rewarding at other times It is not easy. But I will work with you as long as you need to help you overcome your issues.

Our discussions will sometimes lead to your experiencing a broad range of positive and negative emotions throughout your process of therapy. This is a necessary part of the psychotherapy I provide, to enable you to work through your issues. At times you may feel very angry, embarrassed by me but you will also feel appreciated, respected and happy by me. So, you won’t necessarily feel better after every session, but that may sometimes be a necessary part of making progress in knowing and understanding yourself better and how you can avoid making the same poor choices you made in your past.

You can meet with me as often as you want, even if you need more than one session in a given week. Just schedule your sessions one at a time. I encourage my client to meet with me at least once a week especially at the beginning of their therapy.

I am ready and looking forward to having the opportunity to help you work through and resolve the problems that led to your decision to undergo psychotherapy!

Respectfully yours,
F Dunn Jones, MA, LPC, NBCC


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