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Catherine Naylor LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) in North Carolina
Catherine Naylor , LCMHC

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I am so grateful to have counseled clients here in North Carolina since 2016!

I became a counselor because I want to help people heal, walk through life's challenges with grace and live fuller lives. Accepting the call to become a counselor is truly the best decision I’ve ever made! The peace, the purpose, the passion I feel is immeasurable.

I began counseling clients of all ages in large office settings. I counseled kiddos, teens, adults, couples, and families. In 2020, I transitioned to remote/telehealth counseling. I currently counsel teens (ages 13-17), adults (18+) and couples remotely only. Although I’ve been a counselor for nearly nine years, I launched my private practice just months ago! I waited until I felt the time was right for me. I am a strong proponent of waiting for your time rather than following some arbitrary timeline.

I treat the whole person, using an eclectic approach rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I believe all dimensions of our health interact with one another to form a complete picture. Whatever we do to our body affects our mind and our spirit. A similar relationship exists between our thoughts, emotions, and actions. A meaningful change in one of these areas will affect the others. This reciprocal relationship is known as the cognitive triad. For example, say you’re anxious about speaking in front of the team in a meeting tomorrow. You’re probably telling yourself that you’ll fail and why you can’t do it. That negative self-talk leads to anxiety and feelings of worthlessness. As a result, you are actually more likely to perform poorly. What if you talked to yourself differently? Try encouraging yourself, listing all the reasons you can do it-- I know the material, I’ve practiced what I’m going to say, I did it before… Your anxiety might decrease, and instead of feeling worthless, you could feel less insecure. If you enter the meeting with the mindset that you can success, then you are in fact more likely to do a good job!

In the pursuit of wholeness, I am able to incorporate faith-based methods. Following God is my way of life. As a therapist and as a person I am sensitive to the fact that there are many paths to follow. I understand the path I am on is not everyone’s path. Clients who choose to incorporate Christian faith into their treatment are not only able to draw strength from their faith, but they might also experience spiritual growth simultaneously.

As my client, you can expect to walk away from therapy with the insights and strategies necessary to reconstruct unproductive thought patterns, effectively regulate and express your emotions, and make behavioral changes that promote lifelong growth. Above all, I hope you walk away feeling ready to live life more authentically and to the fullest!



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