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What is bipolar disorder? Symptoms and treatments

July 23, 2021 | Written by team

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by extreme shifts in mood and energy. Therapy and medication are common treatments for bipolar disorder.

Mood disorders: Symptoms, causes, treatment

August 5, 2021 | Written by team

Learn about mood, types of mood disorders, what causes mood disorders, how to get diagnosed, and which therapies are most effective.

Suicide: Warning signs, risk factors, prevention, and help

August 6, 2021 | Written by team

Suicide occurs when a person intentionally causes their own death. If you are thinking about ending your life, help is available now. You are not alone.

Insomnia: Causes, symptoms, effects, and treatments

August 6, 2021 | Written by team

Can’t sleep? Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, and/or getting restful sleep.

What is cognitive behavioral therapy? CBT tools and techniques

August 6, 2021 | Written by team

CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy. The goal of CBT is to investigate the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Veterans’ mental health

January 5, 2022 | Written by team

Veterans are at an increased risk for some mental health issues, like PTSD, but treatment and support can make a difference in the challenges they face.

Chronic pain and mental health

January 5, 2022 | Written by team

Chronic pain and mental health share a complex relationship, but those who struggle with both can find treatment options to improve their quality of life.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

January 13, 2022 | Written by team

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can make the winter months difficult, but effective treatments can help people improve their symptoms of seasonal depression.

Anxiety and depression: How they’re related and can be treated

January 13, 2022 | Written by team

Anxiety and depression are mental health disorders that often occur together. Fortunately, the right treatment can help someone manage the symptoms of both.

Mindfulness and mental health: Techniques and therapies

January 13, 2022 | Written by team

Mindfulness techniques can be helpful in managing symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. They can also help you feel more present in the moment.

Showing 1 - 10 of 27 results