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Wanda Siller , MA, LPC

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Provides online counseling through BetterHelp. This is a sponsored listing.

About me

Deciding to go to therapy can feel like you're making a really big and important decision. Once you've decided, you then have to decide who you're going to trust with your personal information, and who you feel you can be comfortable with. Many factors can go into your decision, like whether you want online or in person therapy, cost, your insurance coverage, and how well you feel you'll be able to connect with the person you're considering. If you feel very sad or anxious, or like it's taking over your life, you probably feel like it's time to do something about it. You want someone who can understand and empathize with you, and not only who will listen to your words, but to your words 'under' your words: i.e. your gut feelings, your expression, and how you explain your situation. Instinctively, you may want or need validation, and/or empathy. It's my job to determine what you need by what you're able to share. What if you're depressed and it's therefore hard for you to explain what's going on for you? Again, you've come to me as a client and therefore it's my job to see into the core of your problems, to see and understand how you might feel stuck, and connect with you where you are.


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