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Steve is currently operating a private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I have since been certified in many different areas, such as trauma, EMDR, to treat PTSD, telehealth counseling, dietary counseling, as well as bariatric counseling. I have enjoyed this career, and my opportunity to meet some incredible people. I have been very fortunate.

I am currently operating a private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), as well as a General Lines Insurance agent in the state of Texas. Steve has possessed or obtained licenses in the series six and sixty three, as a mutual fund trader, a private pilot's license, Microsoft Certified Professional, a radio operator's license, scuba diving license, a Texas and New Mexico hunting and fishing license, and a Philippine driver license. Steve has traveled extensively in North America, Europe, Central America, South America, and Asia, where he resided for five years in the Philippines. He has an appreciation of various cultures and personalities. Steve was born in New Mexico, and raised all over New Mexico, where he barely graduated from high school and college, as the belief is that each institution promoted him in order to pass him to the next reluctant learning establishments. He was very active in athletics throughout his high school and college tenure, receiving a baseball scholarship to attend college. Again, the only reason to continue higher education. Steve attended the University of Dallas in pursuit of an MBA as well as a graduate degree with the University of the Rockies. Steve failed his first LPC exam by one question. However, being the ever persistent and optimistic student he passed his second exam easily. Steve had learned his lesson and he was able to pass his first insurance agent's license very handily. I believe that we have the ability to overcome any obstacles that we must inevitably encounter. I believe in people and our ability to adapt. I have yet to encounter a client that does not have the ability to overcome trauma, depression, nor life's challenges. However, I have met some that have given up the hope of victory. This does bring some concern, and I enjoy bringing a light toward a positive resolution. I have had a very diversified life and blessed life.
I do understand the science of psychology, however, I like to think that life itself has taught me so much in order to adapt. I lived in Cebu, Philippines for about five years, and I was so frustrated with the culture, until I finally realized, that I had the problem. They are not wrong, I am just not right. It can sometimes be very difficult to see a different perspective. I am obviously not perfect, but ohhh, I can understand that type of logic, it is cultural. My family is also very Redneck, very country, although very well educated. Again, a very different perspective. We grew up around animals, and repairing everything with recycled bailing wire.
Point being, once the light comes on, what a simple solution. I had three cousins with horrible addictions. One is in jail, one is deceased, and the other is now successful. I know that this life can work, if we find the right light. As I grew up, animals were always my salvation. They are so intuitive. We had every animal that you can imagine on our little farm. I broke horses, and rode them out for people, so they could a nice relaxing ride. I was schooled many times as the animals let me know who was really in charge. I have learned respect for all living things, as well as some inanimate objects, and characters. I do believe that it is important to enjoy all of our daily experiences.
I believe that I will be more of tour guide, as I believe that we all have the ability to adapt to our own environment and circumstances. I have experienced euphoria, grief, heartbreak, happiness, stupidity, and sadness. All of these circumstances help me to evolve as a person. I hope that I can continue to learn and evolve as a person.

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