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Reagan Glover Marriage and Family Therapist in California
Reagan Glover , LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

Aptos, CA

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Helping adult survivors of trauma achieve deeper and more meaningful relationships .

You have been waiting to start therapy because making changes sounds like too much. Life is busy. You feel stuck in your relationships, and yet there is another part of you feeling like there has to be another way. Whether you are struggling with an addiction, grief, anxiety, depression or you are trying to navigate big life changes, know that you do not have to do it alone.

I have compassionately supported both individuals and couples over more than a decade, many who were raised with trauma such as divorce, alcoholism and various types of abuse. While it might not be surprising to know our past trauma and pain impact the present, many people are afraid of doing the work that leads to real healing and growth. Maybe you don't know what self-care looks like or how to set healthy boundaries for yourself. Let me guide you through discovering and understanding how you can live a more meaningful life with hope, more self-compassion, and deeper connections in your relationships. You are the only person responsible for taking care of you. If you are not taking care of yourself, then no one is.

You might feel a like you have lost hope or purpose in your relationships with friends, colleagues, family or romantic partners. You might be isolating yourself, either physically or emotionally, instead of being real and sharing who you are in the world. When trust has been violated, specifically in childhood, people tend to feel lost and confused. It can be a very lonely and empty existence, and you feel stuck . Whether you are trying to decide if you want to stay in a committed relationship, are adjusting to life with young children or you are empty nesters, big life changes, especially as a couple can be tricky. My passion is understanding how early life and childhood experiences impact life in the present and relationships. Often, partners cannot see how relationships in their original family system complicates communication and daily life.

Maybe you may have struggled to get sober and stay sober in the past, and it is time you started working with a therapist with expertise in getting sober and staying sober, with the help of 12 Step recovery meetings. Support meetings are not enough for maintaining a life of recovery for everyone. I have over a decade of experience guiding and walking alongside men and women in recovery, as they find a more fulfilling life. It is not easy balancing sobriety and daily stressors. Additionally, most addicts and alcoholics grew up in homes with parents or siblings suffering with similar dysfunctions. This typically means trauma and abuse have been a part of your story. It is not unusual for there to be unresolved grief, pain and trauma as one recovers from addiction. I have expertise in walking alongside men and women in recovery, guiding them in relapse prevention, as well as helping them navigate hidden traumas.

Maybe you are not the one finding your way through addiction recovery, but your loved one is. It might feel like you need to help them get into treatment or recovery, but all the techniques and ways you have tried just do not seem to be working. As a woman who grew up with alcoholism and addiction on both sides of my family, I have been on my own path of recovery for many years. I integrate my own lived experiences, what has worked for me to heal, and my years of supporting others as a therapist in how I counsel clients who are suffering from the effects of this illness on their lives.
You may wish you could bypass the difficult emotions or push down the pain. You are starting to feel as though you can’t continue to rely on your friends or loved ones without feeling like a burden, and life does not come with a manual in terms of how to find your way through grief and loss. Maybe others are pressuring you to “get up and move on.”

There is no “right” way to grieve. But healing from grief and loss requires you to go through your grief. Healing through loss is a journey. When you lose someone or something else important to you—whether through death, divorce, a breakup, illness, or a big life changes—it can seem like you’ll never feel like yourself again. Loss inevitably changes people. You can fight it or learn to surrender to the process. Many people feel challenged to navigate it on their own. Even if you can, it is something that tends to feel isolating. You need a compassionate space where you can figure out how to make meaning of your experience. Now is the time to reach out. Let me provide a safe place, a listening ear and tools to guide you through healing and hope. I am a fellow sojourner, as I have lost people I have loved deeply, over the years. Whether the loss is recent or from decades ago, now is the time to seek support.

No matter how old you are, you might be wondering what is next for you. Sure, your job is paying the bills but does not align with your gifts and passion. Maybe you are in a long-term relationship, but feel like you have lost yourself. Perhaps you are raising little ones, and are not sure what your identity is (other than a person who is constantly feeding, cleaning up after, and keeping little humans alive). You might be retiring from a career you have loved and found meaning in for years, and are unclear on what your purpose is now. One of the few things in life that’s guaranteed is change. If you are finding yourself anxious, depressed or stuck in the current season of your life, allow me to support you to find your way through.

Maybe you look into the mirror and you are not sure what your life is about or question your worth. The truth is... the answers will only be found if you are looking. If you are feeling stuck, needing guidance, or accountability in finding the motivation to explore what is next on your journey, I would be honored to do this work with you. There is often so much fear that goes with exploring the unknown and dreaming about what is next. But, what if what lies on the other side is better than you could have ever imagined? There might be opportunities you have never considered that would bring you greater joy, fulfillment and the capacity to be the human you long to be. What is stopping you from venturing out?

My approach is client-centered, compassionate, and honest. I believe listening to my adult clients who have often suffered and (might still be) from different kinds of trauma, and then providing feedback and tools is vital to the process of therapy. I am not only a professional but I bring my own experience, strength and hope into sessions. I am a wife and mother, who has suffered various types of pain, trauma and grief at different stages of my life. I have done and continue to do my own work in therapy, and on my own recovery journey, so you know you are not alone.

Clients in my practice tend to face one or more of the following:
Trauma (recent or past)
Addiction Recovery (their own or a family member’s)
Dual Diagnosis
Communication Problems
Relationship Difficulties
Differing Parenting Styles
Parenting Challenges
Grief & Loss
Adjusting to major life changes

Modalities I Use:
Motivational Interviewing
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Compassion-Based Therapy
Solution-Focused Therapy
12 Step Recovery

Reaching out for help takes courage. You owe it to yourself to find healthier ways through your trauma, grief and pain. I offer FREE 15 minute phone consultations for individuals and couples to see if we are a good fit for doing this work together. I have offices in both Scotts Valley and Aptos, California. Also, I offer telehealth for anyone in the state of California. At this time, I do not accept any insurance but am happy to provide superbills for you to submit for reimbursement. Currently, I have openings and am taking new clients. I work Monday through Thursday. Please reach out to my website at if you would like to fill out a form for us to connect. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and being a part of your journey of healing and deeper relationships.



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Reagan Glover, LMFT

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