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Nancy Bortz Counselor in Colorado
Nancy Bortz , Psychotherapist


Denver, CO

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About me

Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, toxic relationships, feeling trapped by your decisions? I have been a professional counselor for over 20 years helping individuals make healthier choices about their lives. It is more than possible to experience a meaningful life.

If you choose me as your therapist our relationship will be built on trust, collaboration, honesty, and hope. I come to you with an open heart and mind. You will not feel judged at all by me. For me, it's all about building a positive relationship with each client. You will experience such personalized care and customized treatment which will lead you into reaching your desired changes.
My goal is to help people make the kind of changes that are sustainable. Lifestyle changes where you create good habits and release the bad forming habits that have caused problems over the years.
Therapy takes commitment and dedication to become clear in knowing what you want to change about your life. If you have reached an impasse in your life and you don't know what next steps to take because you feel too frightened then I want to help you find your path to new solutions. It does take bravery to change and it's not always so pretty to face the deeper parts of ourselves. The reward is there if you stay on track with discovering who you really are and what genuinely matters to you. The therapy journey is incredible in unpacking the issues to find the core you that has been there all along. I know this journey quite well. I have changed from the inside out. I live a life of feeling integrated between my head and my heart. A life that has healthy habits, and I feel whole about my identity. I trust my gut and know how much my inner voice matters. I live by my values. I have intention behind all my decisions, and feel completely in charge about my life. I have taken this climb and want it for you too. My motto is: If I can do it - You Can Too!
My office is located in beautiful South Parkhill on 17th Ave Parkway in Denver, CO. The office building is a cottage which is in the backyard of a spiritual center. The courtyard setting is quite charming and quaint. My private practice is not affiliated with the spiritual center. It's the calm and the beauty of the location which captivates me and my clients.
If you would like to move forward with me I offer you a free 15 minute phone consultation. Please email me: nbortz0806@ and we'll schedule that in. I'll return your message on the same day so you will not need to wait to hear from me.
I look forward to being a part of your growth and self-development. Thank you in advance for reading about me. Wishing you the best.




Creative Recovery

4670 East 17th Avenue Parkway
Denver, CO 80220 US


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