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Nakei Wright Powell

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About me

Feeling overwhelmed by the emotional rollercoaster of life? Do you find yourself grappling with feelings of depression, anxiety, work-related challenges, financial issues, or relationship struggles on a daily basis? Maybe you are also dealing with the loss of a loved one, leading to emotions of anger and confusion. Challenges such as these can have a major impact on your daily life and your ability to function as you did before.

If I may, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Nakei (pronounced Na-Key) and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who have had the pleasure of assisting individuals who faced challenges in areas just like you. While occasional stress is common, persistent high-stress levels over prolonged periods will impact both your mental and physical health. Hence, it is crucial to prioritize your mental well-being, and therapy can provide you with the healthy coping strategies you need to be able to work through everyday challenges!

As a therapist, my goal is to empower individuals with the tools they need to live exceptional lives! I help people uncover their inner strength and resilience by highlighting the significance of nurturing positive coping strategies and self-awareness. Through customized interventions and interactive exercises, I aim to help them confront challenges with confidence and tackle obstacles with resolve.

I enjoy helping people see that every life challenge presents a chance for personal development and learning, even when the road ahead seems tough. Embrace the idea that the journey may be unclear, recognizing that it is within life's unpredictability that true transformations occur. So, inhale deeply, move forward with bravery, and embrace the journey that lies ahead. I am delighted to start a journey with you towards self-exploration and personal growth!


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