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Myoung Shin Hilson Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas
Myoung Shin Hilson

Licensed Professional Counselor

Cody, WY

Online & In-Person

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About me

Hi, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, 14 years of experiences in helping individuals who face challenges in life and are willing to work on symptoms from anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar, childhood trauma, PTSD, and stress.

I love what I do as a therapist, I create a safe, comfortable, confidential and professional space for clients. My clients describe me as "a kind hearted soul," "calming presence in sessions," "has the best most positive energy," "powerfully gentle way of offering alternative perspectives." In session you can be who you are, who you are will be accepted, validated, and respected. We can discuss anything important to you under nonjudgmental environment. It is my joy to see clients' finding themselves, re-connecting to their true self and living as who they are with beautiful self-worth and confidence. I have facilitated Stress Management Workshop, because I have a passion to reduce stress in the community. It is great to see my clients to understand deeply and gaining insights about what has been going on in their life and finding ways to live life with inner joy and peace.

My goal and hope in working together is two fold. At first, I'd like to help you create the foundation to live with confidence in this world by creating identity based on a "Human being" not as a "Human doing," which is "whole, complete, original and enough." From that place, we can discuss more about how to free from limited stressful thoughts, which are the main causes of stress. I am very much aware that people suffer not because of the situation but because of their thoughts about the situation. Furthermore, we can process emotions, tend and rethink body and how to create close quality connection with people in your life. Lastly, we can explore the meaning and purpose of your life, "Soul search." If you are clear about why you are here in this world, you wake up in the morning with totally different energy, such as excitement, joy, and enthusiasm. You have done the first and most important step of reaching out for help. Together we will keep taking one step at a time, in a pace that you feel comfortable with.



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