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Megan Begley Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Kentucky
Megan Begley , LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Lexington, KY


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I specialize in high-impact treatment of anxiety, acute or complex/chronic PTSD, and depression related to self-sabotaging patterns. I also treat distress related to ''spiritual emergency'' or challenges on the path of deep personal growth.

I'm a good fit if you're looking for psychotherapy that goes beyond supportive discussion, or a psychological approach that can meet the complexity of your struggle with belief, meaning, or purpose.

Although compassionate listening is always part of the process, my primary methods for actual change and relief combine somatic (mind-body) awareness with depth psychology (attention to the subconscious). These approaches tend to decrease symptoms (e.g., panic), and reframe negative thought patterns faster than cognitive-based therapies alone.

My Primary Approaches:

EMDR: If you have recent or developmental trauma history, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) reduces the intensity of terrorizing or distressing memories and provides insight about your broader emotional wounding patterns.

Internal Family Systems: No matter what your issue, Internal Family Systems builds awareness about your subconscious motivations, coping mechanisms, and other ''parts,'' creating a more unified sense of self and greater ability to respond vs. react.

Transpersonal/Jungian therapy: By helping you think beyond the limits of wounding and social conditioning, transpersonal (''beyond the personality'') concepts--such as C. G. Jung's ideas about individuation, the collective unconscious, and the shadow self--facilitate post-traumatic growth, or help you adjust to shifts in values, belonging, or spiritual outlook.

My Background and Perspective:

I have a holistic perspective rooted in my own experience overcoming anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and disordered eating, and in navigating the deep questions these challenges can cause or reflect.

''Holistic'' refers to multiple things: Understanding mind, body, and spirit as interconnected; having a balanced appreciation for science and the intangible; and valuing the lost wisdom of natural healing approaches as much as I value modern medicine. In addition to my psychotherapeutic training, I have training in/ lived experience using yoga, Eastern spiritual philosophy, and targeted nutrition for mental health and addiction recovery.

I worked as a chemical dependency counselor for years, and became motivated to train as a trauma therapist due to the high trauma rate among those with addictions. While outpatient therapy is never a substitute for comprehensive addiction treatment, I love working with individuals who are stable in recovery and now ready to tackle suppressed emotions or growth work.

I also have experience as a Hospice bereavement counselor, and feel strongly that our modern cultural response to death minimizes and stunts the natural grieving process.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I trained specifically to work as a mental health treatment practitioner, but with a theoretical orientation in social systems and social justice. I'm an ally to the POC and LGTBTQIA+ communities. I've been excited to see that ancestral trauma is now being researched in the field of epigenetics (the influence of environment on genes), and I incorporate this perspective into my treatment of trauma and transpersonal growth.



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Edelson and Associates

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