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I am an experienced professional counselor who has obtained an MA in Counseling Psychology with a Trauma Focus. Therapy is a personal journey that takes courage to begin- I am here to help you take that first step. As a therapist I offer personalized online therapy and can walk with you to overcome your obstacles, reach your goals, and provide a safe space for healing.

I believe that relief begins with the right therapeutic relationship. I combine my understanding, education, and life experiences with a person centered approach to help my clients heal from past traumas, navigate through their grief and loss, and cope with the every day stress life has to offer.
When grief, loss, and tragedies happen we are applauded for our ability to stay strong through the tragedy, but what does being strong mean? Does it mean suppressing your feelings in order to get through the day? Does it mean holding back your tears so you can wipe the tears of others? Does it mean going about your day like nothing happened?
This "strength" is not helping you, this "strength" is hurting you. That tightness in your chest, those swirls in your stomach, those constant headaches, aches and pains, and the feeling of exhaustion yet not being able to fall asleep at night, is the "strength" people refer to effecting your body and mind. All of those feelings and thoughts you keep inside, all that "strength" is weighing on your mind and body.

The true strength is vulnerability. The true strength is not numbing to get though the day, the TRUE strength is feeling the uncomfortable emotions, acknowledging the hurtful thoughts, expressing the pain you feel, and talking about the whirlwind of thoughts replaying in your mind.

I can offer you a safe and judgment free atmosphere to do just that. Allow me to be your rock. Allow me to help you find your true strength through vulnerability. You have been there for countless others, allow me to be there for you.



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