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Linda Crawford , LMHC

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Provides online counseling through BetterHelp. This is a sponsored listing.

About me

Hello and Welcome to BetterHelp! This is where you can find your new future and the help you seek for the life you are wanting to live!
I would be honored to assist you along that ride.

My name is Linda Crawford. I am a Mental Health Counselor licensed in the state of Florida. Just like you, I am human and that means I understand life has a variety of challenges to throw at us. At times, it can seem near impossible to get past some of these obstacles. Often we can feel alone and helpless about what our best next step could be. But, here is the secret reality......needing assistance in these matters is just part of the human process. Unfortunately, there are many people who are afraid to admit they are human enough to desire/need the assistance of another person's perspective. Anyway, here you are reading my profile and that is actually a good sign!

I am excited about working with you to dig through your struggles and help you excel to work on changing your brain so that you can feel better about your future. It is true, you brain does change according to your thought process! I truly want to help you excel at this! However, I cannot do this alone and that means you may be given assignments to complete. That is how you will learn to change your brain!

Together, we can adjust your negative thoughts and feelings which, in my experience working with clients, seems to be at the core of many issues such as: relationship issues (social and professional), anxiety, depression, overeating, disorganization, lost motivation, lost interest, hurt feelings, anger, loneliness, mistrust, boredom.

Here is the plan I offer to you: You are the driver of your life, you have free will to choose which road to take. I will sit in the passenger seat and be a sort of ...GPS...suggesting options along the way. Ultimately, you are the one with your hands on the wheel and your foot on the pedal. That means, you determine the distance you travel and the speed at which you move. Also, and most determine when you have arrived at your destination!

Ready when you are!


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