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Kayleigh Hunnicutt Psychologist in Ohio
Kayleigh Hunnicutt , PhD


Columbus, OH

Online & In person

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As a strengths-based psychologist, my goal is to help you find relief from distress and reclaim your life as the highest version of yourself, via providing therapy and assessment services.

Hi there! I am excited to share with you my approach to assessments and therapy. I offer: (1) assessments (5-60y.o.) for learning disabilities, Autism, ADHD, and other forms of comprehensive evaluations. I also offer (2) therapy services for adults (18-60y.o.). In-person in Columbus; Telehealth for anywhere in Ohio.

My primary foci in therapy are with helping clients manage anxiety/depression, life transitions and stressors, relationship stressors, perfectionism, sports/performance, stressors related to high achievers, ADHD, challenging family dynamics, and for individuals who want to resolve feeling "stuck."

Using an eclectic approach, I focus on two simultaneous pathways in therapy: helping clients build coping skills to address their symptoms of distress, and empowering them to rediscover themselves and how they want to move toward reclaiming the highest version of themselves. For many people, part of this journey also often includes a third pathway of examining relationships in our lives and how these have and are impacting us, as well. In examining these pathways, my hope is always to poise you to have the skills to cope with difficult emotions and situations, while also helping you to reconnect with yourself, your intuition about what you do/not want in life, and to take active steps to live a life that you are ecstatic about. Within relationships, we further examine ways to approach dating or maintaining a current relationship, including exploring patterns, communication skills, healthy relationships, and boundary setting skills - for all types of relationships. We may also explore the impact of prior relationships on the way we view our reality. I utilize strengths-based strategies that are drawn from multiple modalities, including CBT, Positive Psychology, Sports/Performance Psychology, Psychoeducation, IPT, Solution-Focused methods, trauma-informed approaches, and sprinkles of DBT.

Regardless of what we are working on, my goal is to be a companion and cheerleader for you on your journey to emotional strength, resiliency, and thriving. I strive to provide an environment where we can have difficult conversations and work through the "lows," while also celebrating your progress and incredible strengths at every turn (no matter how "small" you think it may be, it's probably more profound than you think!). My approach often involves comfort, warmth, empathy, as well as humor, laughter, and jokes. There will also be times where we will have to challenge our current approaches to our relationship with ourselves and our environments, and doing so with the purpose of replacing these approaches with evidence-based strategies that will help you feel more emotionally free and less distressed; however, I will be there to support you through those moments, and we do so while building your mastery of coping skills that will guide you during those times.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if any of this sounds like a good fit for what you are looking for. Note that I split my time between (3) locations/offices. The easiest approach is to contact me directly and I can then make sure we work through the appropriate location. Let me take care of those details for you!



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Prime Consulting of Columbus, LLC

1560 Fishinger Road
Suite 130B
Columbus, OH 43221 US


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  • Psychological Testing
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