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Kay Gottrich  LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) in Illinois

LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor)

Springfield, IL

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I specialize in working with developmental trauma and complex PTSD. I use a neurobiological, attachment-based, polyvagal informed approach to treating adults who have experienced emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual abuse, medical trauma, violence, threats of violence, yelling or bullying. I specialize in trauma treatment: 1) Teaching patients o regulate their nervous system enabling them to calm their anxiety or anger; 2) how to notice when they are in dissociative shutdown ( feel depressed, not motivated, say yes when they want to say no, Freeze response) and 3) reduce and eliminate emotional reactivity to painful memories with EMDR; 4) Use sandtray therapy to work through painful events and to learn about yourself; 5) Use Sensorimotor Psychotherapy to become embodied - learn to listen to your body, and how to know what is you and what is someone else 6) learn boundaries ) learn to be self-compassionate rather than shame; 8) learn how to be healthy in relationship with others.

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with 20+ years experience and training to help kids, teens, and adults heal from trauma wounds. I use the following evidence-based treatments: EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Ego State Therapy, Sandtray Therapy (International Credentialed Sandtray Therapist, Registered Integrated Sandtray Therapist, Expressive Arts Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Somatic therapy, Movement Therapy (Yoga, Tai Chi), Cognitive Processing Therapy, and Schema Therapy.The goal is to process the traumatic memories so you no longer are reacting and living in those memories, but are living in the here and now, and not reliving the traumatic memory through nightmares, or shame, anxiety, fear, panic attacks. EMDR will integrate and process the memories and you are able to develop new understanding of yourself. EMDR moves the trapped body memory to be expressed (trapped fight, flight, freeze, fawn) and you will integrate the body, emotional, and cognitive (thoughts) memory and create new meaning. Phase 1: Learn to regulate nervous system; (teach you how to calm your nervous system) Phase 2 :Process trauma memories with EMDR/ Cognitive Processing Therapy / Ego State Therapy/ Internal Family Systems; Phase 3 : Learn self-compassion, Strengthen your sense of self, create boundaries, learn how to have healthy relationships, learn Conflict Resolution Skills, Assertiveness Training, and Self-care strategies. Phase 3 - Work on changing the way you think.



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Springfield Trauma Counseling Center PLLC

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