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John Orr LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) in New York
John Orr , LMHC

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I am a contemplative-oriented psychotherapist who integrates evidence-based modes of therapy like EMDR and Internal Family Systems (IFS), with insights from the wisdom tradition emphasizing presence, awareness, and fullness of being.

As a person and a professional, I've learned that there are amazing adventures to discover within ourselves. At first, it didn't seem that way; it seemed more like I needed to overcome myself, that if I could fix all the things that were bothering me, I would finally be okay. I set forth to do just that, to problem-solve the situation, and I did find some success with that approach. Still, eventually, it started to seem as though that approach was endless (because it is), and I had to question the entire premise of conceptualizing myself as a problem in the first place. How will we be okay if we constantly say we are not? That led me to take a different approach that was steeped in meditation and emphasizing presence before problem-solving. That approach was and is an inner adventure that has repeatedly proven to be both transformative and healing because presence is not only larger than so-called problems; it is the place of being okay I had sought (it's actually much nicer than okay).

As a psychotherapist, I'm looking to help others interested in taking a contemplative and holistic approach to living their life. Foundational to this work is getting to know awareness--a synonym for presence--which is the consistency in your ever-changing experience. If you're familiar with mindfulness, getting to know awareness is similar, but it goes a step further by not only recognizing what's arising but also just what it is that's doing the noticing. When you recognize and rest as awareness, you start to be at home within yourself, opening the door to transformation.

Along the pathway of learning to rest in awareness, it's common to run into our conditioning: the present-day expression of our past experiences. Some of those experiences, especially if we have faced trauma, can bring a strong charge that can be met well by modern psychotherapy practices. For experiences such as those, I utilize evidence-based modalities, including EMDR and Internal Family Systems (IFS), to help people get unstuck and reconnect with the flow of their life.

If you're interested in this approach to living, I'd be happy to join you on that journey. For anyone new, I offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss what you're looking for and how I might help you find it. Please feel free to contact me about setting up your time or if you have any questions.



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