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Anxiety at times of transition can been really difficult to navigate on your own. Whether you're working on that final stage of adulting (~28-32) or thinking about retirement, I'd like to help you feel more comfortable with the unknowns of life and experience more ease.

"…this is not where I thought I'd be at this stage of my life." It can be really painful to think and believe these types of thoughts. Then comes the self doubts, "if only I had done x, y, or z; if only I were stronger, savvier, smarter…" Or maybe self-recrimination is more your gig, "you really screwed that up. I'm such an idiot!"
Our thoughts matter. What we say inside the privacy of our own minds matters. These thoughts, judgments, and even overt cruelties become some persistent we don't even notice them. Any yet, they impact how we perceive our experiences. They shape our behavior.

It makes sense, right? Maybe it even seems I'm pointing out the obvious?

Ok, fair enough.

Give this a go: pick a thought –a fairly neutral, but slightly negative thought. For instance, "I'm always late!" Now see what you can do to work with that single thought to change your behavior to get yourself out the door with a bit more breathing room. Perhaps you've worked with a similar thought and noticed your behavior changed for a spell but now you're back to the same ol' pattern. Likely without noticing.

It's not your fault.
Our minds can be tricky!

It can be helpful to have a witness to your thinking. Allowing someone to get curious with you about what's working and what could stand to be improved can lead to sustainable change and growth. These changes aren't born of willpower but real change, deep inside your way of being. These changes are lasting, characterological, and become the new normal with spaciousness and ease.

Wanna take a go at improving how your thinking shapes your outcomes in the world?

I'd like to help.

Specialties & Clinical Interests

  • Anxiety
  • Divorce & Separation
  • Family Conflict
  • Grief & Loss
  • Life Coaching
  • Self-Esteem
  • Stress/Stress Management

Therapy Types

  • Mindfulness
  • Somatic Therapy
  • Trauma-Informed Therapy

Fees & Insurance

Cost per Session
$175.00 - $250.00
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Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA), Credit Card, American Express, Mastercard, Visa

Licenses & Certifications

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Licensed Professional Counselor
LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor)
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JFK University
Counseling Psychology