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Heidi Wringer Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Indiana
Heidi Wringer , LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Roseland, IN


Not accepting new clients

About me

A lot of people appear to be doing very well from the outside, but are struggling with pain, conflict, and shame on the inside. You may have already done a lot of personal growth, but still find yourself unhappy. Perhaps your issues are current, or maybe they have been resurfacing, year after year, with no resolution. If you are living with traumatic events from your past, ranging from insult, abuse, or family conflicts, counseling is a safe place to address these injuries.

Being human is messy and complicated. We have amazing capabilities. Building a good connection with a therapist is one of the most powerful tools for healing. Counseling can help you build healthy interactions with yourself and others. If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, need an increased sense of control in your life, improved emotional stability, a better view of yourself, coping tools, we will work in these areas. Additionally, I can assist with parenting skills, helping you obtain the goal of a healthier and connected parent child relationship of any age.
I will work collaboratively with you as you take the first steps in bringing positive change to your life and to your daily well-being. Self-compassion and accountability are very important. You are worth investing in yourself.




Moving Forward Counseling Services

227 North Dixie Way
Roseland, IN 46637 US


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