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Eileen Griffin Psychologist in Maryland
Eileen Griffin , PsyD


Woodlawn, MD


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My passion is helping those who feel afraid, “crazy,” or broken understand themselves in a compassionate way and break their unhelpful cycles. I strive to help clients create the life they want to live by providing a safe context, honest reflection, compassionate inquiry, holistic understanding, and respect for autonomy. I am a Licensed Psychologist in Maryland with Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT) in other participating states through PSYPACT. My primary areas of expertise are in treating anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, low self-esteem, and history of repeated trauma or attachment trauma.

I am very straight-forward in my life and work. I am rarely known to sugar-coat things and I don’t know how to be anyone other than who I am. I am naturally curious, sometimes risky in my humor, and often a bit sassy or cheeky. I aim to be the nonjudgmental voice of reason in any group and to ally myself with populations whose voices have historically been silenced.

Clients have described me as active, understanding, empathic, insightful, and easy to talk to. I am both professional and down-to-earth. In sessions you will likely see me gesture a lot, cuss freely, and make my weird facial expressions when I’m sitting with an idea. I get misty-eyed if you lose your pet or when I’m feeling really, really proud of how much progress you’ve made. I hope that my authentic self is an invitation for you to bring your authentic self to session.

My approach is active, collaborative, and straightforward. I create safety for my clients through being available, reliable, compassionate, and transparent. I understand that trust is earned and built over time in any relationship, including in therapy. I know therapy inherently asks you to be really vulnerable in talking to a stranger about deeply personal things.

My goal is to provide you space to grow into yourself, become more aware, and make sense of past scary experiences. Together we will build a framework for moving forward. I don't believe there is a quick fix in this type of work; rather, we work together on a full understanding of the source of your pain and help you unravel and make sense of your internal conflicts and feelings. I will likely push you to reflect, think, and develop insight; I always aim to do so in a way where you still feel truly cared for.

I identify as an attachment-based, trauma-informed psychodynamic psychotherapist. I also integrate ACT approaches in my work.



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