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Dr. Loral Lee Portenier Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in Montana
Dr. Loral Lee Portenier , PhD, LCPC, NCC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)

Stockton, KS

Online & In-Person

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Enjoy increased clarity and energy, receive focused support and guidance on your life path, and achieve your own, personal goals for healing and growth when you work with me!

I offer mental health counseling to Montana residents, and depth coaching, hypnotherapy, and expressive arts therapies to clients nationwide.

If you’re searching for a practitioner who uses a holistic, strengths-based approach to help you heal your wounding and create a beautiful life for yourself, consider reaching out to me.

No two clients are alike, which means your sessions will be focused on you, your values and needs, your personality and beliefs instead of expecting you to fit in with an explicit protocol based on a specific theoretical orientation.

If what you want is support, guidance, and encouragement in order to change some unhealthy habits, that’s what we’ll focus on. If you want to go deeper and find the root causes so you can do some healing and make some changes at a more profound level, we’ll go there.

We can take a holistic look at your anxiety, trauma and abuse, stress, worry, or fears, and/or your depression, suicidal thoughts and behaviors, or lack of meaning and purpose. Maybe there’s some generational trauma that needs healed.

Perhaps you struggle with grief and loss, death and dying, letting go and moving forward. Maybe you experience some survivor's guilt and need help clearing that out. Or you might be experiencing any of a host of aging issues. I've developed my own set of Grief and Loss Oracle Cards that might be helpful for you if you enjoy that type of support.

Relationships might be causing you challenges. Caring for an aging parent, a special needs child, or a spouse/partner with chronic health challenges can take a serious toll on the caregiver. And/or you could be struggling with an abusive relationship of some sort—maybe you’re the abuser because you haven’t learned better tools to help you deal with the stressors of life. Maybe a relationship is falling apart and you find yourselves going your own way, but you’re not entirely sure how to navigate this process.

If you’re a woman, you’ve likely dealt with any of a broad range of women’s issues, from domestic violence to the glass ceiling, from hormonal changes to being the family pillar of strength everyone turns to when they’re in need but ignores the rest of the time. Maybe you would like help building up your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-respect, or self-efficacy. And so forth.

We’ll honor your spiritual beliefs, be they Christian, Pagan, Buddhist, atheist, or anything else. If your beliefs are a source of strength for you, we’ll definitely draw on them.

Using a holistic approach, if your choice is to go deeper, we’ll look into your archetypes and underlying themes. We may do current and/or past life regressions. Work with spirit/power animals. Use oracle cards. And more, all in keeping with your beliefs and desires, of course.

I have a wide range of tools to help you accomplish your own goals for healing and growth. CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy), person-centered therapy, energy work, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), The Sedona Method, dreamwork, expressive arts therapy, and hypnotherapy are but a few tools for us to draw on.

In addition to mental health counseling, I also offer my own form of depth life coaching. If you need someone who will hold you accountable for, say, following your diet, you’ll need to look elsewhere, but if you want to do some deeper work while you focus on moving forward, that’s the type of coaching support and guidance I offer. We’ll make sure you create healthy, inspiring goals in each area of your life, then devise a viable plan for achieving your goals. Again, we’ll use a strengths-based approach and many of the same tools I use in therapy to move you forward on your own life path.

Similarly, many women are weary of living their lives at a lower level than what they resonate with. They're looking to level up, that is, to live a life that is more refined, elegant, and classy than the one they're currently living and appreciate having someone to support them on their upward path. This is a great new service I've added to my coaching program and would be honored to help you achieve your goals in this undertaking. I’ve even developed my own set of Leveling Up Oracle Cards.

Currently, I work almost exclusively with women, and almost exclusively online. I moved to a very rural location to take care of my ailing mother in her home, which means that you can do your work with me from the comfort, privacy, and convenience of your own home or office.

I expect my clients to take a very active role in their healing and growth, and I also take a hands-on approach, myself. If you’re lost in the darkness, I’ll walk in there, take your hand, and walk back out with you. If you’re stuck in a mud puddle, I’ll wade in and help you get free. Unfortunately, I don’t have a magic wand so I’ll need the same commitment from you if you truly want to meet your goals and live a life you love.

If you think I might be the right therapist or life coach for you, I would love to hear from you at your earliest convenience. In fact, go ahead and reach out to me now and we can schedule your first appointment before life gets in your way yet again.

Dr. Loral Lee Portenier



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