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Demetrius Walton , LMFT, M.S., D.Min

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Demetrius Walton: Compassionate Counselor, Distinguished Veteran, and Skilled Pastoral Therapist

He brings a remarkable blend of life experience, professional training, and inherent compassion to his work as a marriage and family therapist. He is a respected figure whose depth of experience is rooted in an impressive and multifaceted background. From a distinguished 26-year military career in the U.S. Army to his impactful service as a Federal Prison Chaplain, Walton's life is a testament to resilience, service, and compassion. He not only boasts a unique career trajectory but also a deeply ingrained commitment to fostering psychological wellbeing, familial unity, and personal growth.

A keen advocate of solution-focused therapy, Walton's counseling practice foregrounds the importance of creating a collaborative client-therapist relationship. He assists clients in identifying their innate strengths and leveraging these to solve their problems. His focus on this therapeutic modality underlines his optimistic belief in each individual's capacity to devise and enact their own solutions when guided and supported adequately.

Emotion-focused therapy is another pillar in Walton's therapeutic practice. He uses this approach to help couples and families understand and restructure their emotional experiences, a process that invariably promotes healthier relationships. His empathetic nature and emotional intelligence underpin his success in this area, helping clients navigate complex emotional landscapes and achieve relational harmony.

Walton also integrates Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) into his practice. This approach allows him to address the impacts of trauma and anxiety-related disorders effectively, providing relief to individuals haunted by past experiences. His sensitivity and patience in this area of practice are testament to his holistic and person-centered therapeutic style.

Notably, Walton's service as a Federal Prison Chaplain underscores his dedication to pastoral care and its integration into his therapeutic practice. He offers spiritual guidance to those seeking it, bridging the gap between psychological health and spiritual wellbeing.

A proponent of cognitive-behavioral therapy, Walton skillfully helps clients understand the interconnectedness of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. His expertise in this evidence-based approach aids clients in developing healthier thought patterns and more adaptive behaviors, fostering their journey towards psychological wellbeing.

Lastly, Walton's Christ-centered approach is an integral component of his counseling philosophy. He fosters an environment where clients can explore their struggles and victories within the context of their faith, offering support that respects and incorporates their spiritual beliefs.

In sum, Demetrius Walton is not just a seasoned therapist; he's a compassionate guide, a spiritual mentor, and an empathetic listener. His rich life experience, expansive therapeutic toolkit, and warm demeanor make him an exceptional marriage and family therapist, capable of helping individuals, couples, and families navigate their challenges and stride towards a fulfilling life.
Demetrius Walton's educational experience is a Master of Science (M.S.) focused in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling from Texas A&M University–Central Texas. Doctorate in Ministry (D.Min) from Knox Theological Seminary. LMFT LICENSE # 204275


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