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Darryon Spencer LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) in Florida
Darryon Spencer , LMHC

LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor)

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About me

I'm a licensed mental health counselor dedicating to helping adults cope with feeling anxious, burned out, overwhelmed, stressed, irritated, and exhausted with life.

Do any of the following sound like some of your struggle(s)?

-You find yourself constantly overthinking and worrying which leaves you feeling mentally exhausted.

-You consider yourself a high achieving, goal oriented adult who has a hard time taking breaks, relaxing, and resting due to your never ending to-do list.

-You consider yourself to be a people pleaser who has a hard time setting boundaries.

-Many people admire you but they have no idea you’re struggling with low self esteem.

-You feel like an imposter in your profession as if you’re incompetent, don’t deserve your title/position, or don’t deserve the amount of money you’re earning.

-You’re at a place in life where your financial/career goals are being met but your mental health concerns have been left unaddressed.

If you resonate with what you just read, then you’ve come to the right place. I am here to help you achieve mental wellness. You deserve it!


Hi, my name is Darryon Spencer! I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) providing online/virtual therapy to adults in Florida who are experiencing anxiety and burnout to the point where it’s getting in the way of them living their best life imaginable.

My goal is to support you along your journey to becoming confident in your ability to overcome worry, doubt, burnout, perfectionism, low self confidence, and/or imposter syndrome.

I’ll be right there with you throughout this entire process to listen, validate, and encourage you as we discover the solutions to your problems.

Along your journey, you may come to find out that the emotions you’re experiencing may have to do with some past trauma(s) that’s yet to be explored. Maybe you feel unsettled because you never had the opportunity to fully grieve and although you’re clearly dealing with anxiety, you may also be experiencing some underlining depression as well.

Whatever the case may be, you deserve to experience peace of mind and I am here to help you achieve that.


In therapy, we'll work together on...

you remaining a high achiever minus the expectations and pressure you once placed on yourself.

you working to get to a place we’re you’re happy being and achieving excellence instead of perfection.

still showing up for others while setting healthy boundaries to honor your wants, needs, and mental well-being.

realizing that people admire you because you are an AMAZING individual! You have so many admirable qualities and everyone around you notices that. We just have to work together to remind you of how great you are!

realizing that you’re not an imposter. You worked hard to get to where you’re at in life. You’ve earned all the good things that life has presented you with by showcasing the knowledge and capabilities you posses. In therapy, you’ll realize that you are worthy and deserving!


When it's all said and done, I empathize with you on such a deep level because I too have personally experienced anxiety and low self esteem. On top of that, I too have been a high achieving, perfectionist.

I can vividly remember the pressure I would put on myself to achieve “greatness”, and the panic attacks I would experience after placing such ridiculously high expectations on myself. I remember feeling like I was never doing enough or good enough, especially after I compared myself to others. Even though my family, friends, and colleagues all admired me, I still felt like an imposter, as if I wasn’t the person they saw me to be. I remember feeling alone, like I was the only one out there in this world dealing with these issues. That was until I started to go to therapy.

Going to therapy was one of the best decisions I ever made. My therapist validated my experience and helped me understand what I was experiencing and why. Equipped with knowledge, coping skills, and a new outlook on life, I was able to greatly diminish my worrisome thoughts and increase my self confidence. My goal is to do for you what my therapist did for me.




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