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Christina Pongracic , MA, LLPC

Hillsdale, MI

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If you are reading this, your body's innate intelligence recognizes the step you have taken, and it has begun the healing process--Congratulations! Allow me to help you further your journey.
I specialize in counseling adult and teen women, but I help people of all ages navigate their way through their inner and outer worlds, empowering them to meet whatever comes their way with the wisdom to make the choices that are right for them. To that end, I use CBT, Mindfulness-based interventions (MBI), play therapy based on clients' needs and response.

“What you are to be, you are now becoming.” --Carl Rogers. My style of therapy is eclectic, but it rests on the foundation of person-centered therapy, or Rogerian therapy, named after psychologist Carl Rogers.

The name of my private practice is Upward Spiral Counseling

Why Upward Spiral?

In history…
The spiral is an ancient symbol, and one found in almost everything around us in nature--from animals to plants that develop in patterns resembling a spiral. It has been used to represent the life journey, growth, evolution, expansion throughout the universe. When you follow the spiral, it reveals what is hidden, and as you progress to its inner sanctum, you change: grow—evolve—expand.

In neuroscience…
We are hardwired to hold onto negative thoughts—This is our mind’s way of protecting us from harm. It is meant as a means of survival. If we are on the alert, we are more likely to steer clear of these harmful experiences and events in the future. However, this protection (negative thoughts) can become overwhelming to the point where it snuffs out our joy and pleasure.
Luckily, there are ways to shift our brains from negativity to positivity. I’m not going to lie to you: It takes conscious effort, hard work, and—gasp--homework. The first hurdle to go over is the most difficult one, but the good news is that each successful attempts afterwards builds on to the previous successes and becomes easier than the previous ones. This is because each shift builds momentum to reach the next shift. These actions then enable us to broaden our attention and thought processes more and more as we move upward. They help us to redirect our energies, giving us the ability to make use of our resources and strengths, and allow us to reclaim (or claim) our love of life.
By working through challenges in relationships (with yourself and with others), life changes, transitions, grief and loss, loneliness, trauma--and the anxiety and depression that can accompany them—in a therapeutic setting, your brain will rewire your thoughts, leading to more positive thoughts, feelings, behaviors that help you get on the upward spiral. And, as you begin to ascend the upward spiral your vibration increases, and whoever you are around…well, your vibration affects their vibration in positive ways because as you cultivate self-love and kindness and compassion, you will cultivate love and kindness and compassion for others, and that is contagious!
You may be familiar with these mindfulness practices—yoga, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, gratitude practice, journaling. You may even have used them or are using them. In a therapeutic setting, these mindfulness practices are supercharged by the therapeutic relationship because when a therapist offers you her undivided attention with love and compassion and understanding, you may feel nurtured and protected and safe—and this can spark your openness to change and growth.
I hope to be that therapist for you. Tell me your story.



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Upward Spiral Counseling LLC

11 Carleton Road East
Hillsdale, MI 49242 US


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