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Chris Sales Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey
Chris Sales , MA LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Red Bank, NJ

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I am an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in working with children, adolescence and parents. In addition to mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression and anger, I enjoy the challenges posed by the oppositional behaviors of both children and adults.

After decades working with children and adolescents in out of home placements and partial care settings, I began providing outpatient services in 2017 as the owner of Comfort Zone Counseling, LLC. I recognize that not all children respond to conventional parenting techniques the same way. In fact, conventional parenting approaches often exacerbate situations, much to the frustration of parents following sound advice from friends, family and professionals. Not all children respond to clinical interventions the same way either. For these reasons, I use evidence-based Nurturing approaches when meeting with children and adolescents and teach these same techniques to parents.
Conceptually a family-systems based clinician, I use Cognitive, Behavioral, Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused, and Interpersonal techniques to support clients through difficult periods. My approach is focused on growth and development, and my interventions motivate individuals, family systems and groups to break out of old comfort zones and begin to realize their full potential.
For parents, some children are resistant to change even when they stand to benefit from even slight change. This is where a more focused parenting approach can be effective. I teach tools to parents from my training in both Nurtured Heart and Nurturing Parenting models. I also teach parents crisis prevention skills. These approaches are not radically different from standard parenting. They have a dual focus on growth, development and support, as well as on setting limits and using effective and dignified discipline.
For children and adolescents, speaking to some adults is about being judged, belittled and infantilized. It can be filled with self-worth destroying messages about behaviors, IEPs, medications, punishments, unmet expectations and perceived failure. I find challenging developmental stages to be engaging and rife with opportunities for insight and growth. Childhood, in particular the adolescent years, are a fascinating time of self-discovery and identity formation. When given a safe place to express their developing views of themselves and the world, adolescents can thrive. I treat then with dignity and respect, even if they struggle to treat themselves and others the same way.
Change is not just possible, it is inevitable. Guiding that change involves skill, patience, and a mindset that respects autonomy, while adhering to real world limitations. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with your child, or with you as parent(s), to help guide this change.



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